Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! (LN) V4 Short Story

Shadow-sama Senki Complete Edition — Volume 4

Author: Beta

The Heroic Legend of Shadow


The evil hand of the Diabolos cult was approaching the Oriana kingdom. We have infiltrated an elite force led by Epsilon, and have been searching for the true aims of the cult, but time passed without any proof. With the little information we had, we dispatched a team of Victoria and Rose Oriana to the Saisho fortress to find out that they were after the key, but Rose Oriana was captured and Victoria was in trouble. At that moment, Shadow-sama appeared in a dashing manner! He had foreseen the Cult’s movements and saved us from a difficult situation. I heard that Shadow-sama who slaughtered the cult leaders in an instant was a very graceful figure!

There, Shadow-sama learns that Rose Oriana has been captured, he heads to the royal capital and joins Epsilon. As preparations for Rose Oriana and Doem Ketsuhat’s wedding proceeded, Shadow-sama, who had read the Cult’s intentions, used his God Technique to take the key from Doem! And then, Shadow-sama has decided to let the cult do whatever they want to cut off the root of all evil!

Shadow-sama told Rose Oriana the truth and entrusted her with the key. Right – it is not for us to decide the fate of the Oriana Kingdom. The Oriana Kingdom will recover only if Rose Oriana, the rightful heir to the throne, decides to do so, Shadow-sama said it with his back! Inspired by Shadow-sama’s words, Rose Oriana defeated Doem Ketsuhat. In her hands, the Kingdom of Oriana regained its pride.

This is all Shadow-sama’s intention–!

Just when everything seemed to be over, the mastermind behind the Diabolos cult finally appeared. The 9th seat of the Knights of Rounds “Man-Eating Demon Sword” Sir Mordred! By his hand, the door of “Black Rose” was opened and a large number of demons and “Ragnarok” were summoned from another world. This was the true goal of the cult — but this event was also in Shadow-sama’s palm. Having read everything, Shadow-sama kicked “Ragnarok” out of the way and let Sir Mordred tell the truth about the world. On top of that, he crushed all of the cult’s aims and completely destroyed the “Black Rose”!

No, that’s wrong. Shadow-sama’s aim was beyond that! Everyone could not believe their eyes at the sight of Shadow-sama jumping into the collapsing “Black Rose”. I’m embarrassed to say that I, Beta, even suspected for a moment that Shadow-sama was going crazy! However, Beta will always obey Shadow-sama at all times! Following Shadow-sama, I jumped into the “Black Rose” and what I saw was ― a different world.

Yes, this is Shadow-sama’s true aim. It was to obtain the knowledge and power of the other world and further strengthen the Shadow Garden! Shadow-sama’s wisdom shines as if to prove that intention! Having instantly deciphered the letters of the other world, Shadow-sama was able to figure out one unknown tool after another that he had never seen before! This is what is so amazing about Shadow-sama, he is familiar with all knowledge and can decipher the essence in an instant. And although I was embarrassed to admit it, I couldn’t help but be captivated by the intelligent figure of Shadow-sama, who spoke even the language of another world fluently!

With the help of Shadow-sama’s highly flexible and resourceful planning, I was able to successfully infiltrate the other world community and was tasked with stealing their technology and knowledge. I was sent to the center of the community, where everything was being arranged by Shadow-sama. Failure was not an option. I was trying to understand the local language as quickly as possible, but as I was doing so, I realized something shocking fact. Yes, the local language was very similar to the letters of the code that Shadow-sama had once entrusted to us! At that moment, I remembered the teachings of Shadow-sama.

“All knowledge is connected”

That’s what Shadow-sama teaches us ―― even if we are from completely different cultures and worlds, as long as we are human, the answer we will get is the same!

The rest was instantaneous. The words, the tools, the techniques, everything was connected to the knowledge I had learned! In particular, it was very similar to the knowledge I had learned from Shadow-sama! Just as Shadow-sama had done, I began to understand the essence and steal knowledge one after another. I was surprised at how much I had grown, and this is what Shadow-sama taught me!

In the meantime, the otherworlders began to fight each other, and in the confusion, I retrieved Mordred’s head. Before returning to the original world, I wanted to get rid of “Rebel Fallen Angel” who had made fun of Shadow-sama on the internet forums…… Unfortunately, time is running out. If there’s a next time, I’m going to beat you up so badly that you’ll regret were ever born, “Rebel Fallen Angel”.

All for the sake of Shadow-sama’s honor!


That’s all for this time! Next time, Shadow-sama Senki Complete Edition Volume 5!

Returning to Midgar Academy――a shocking incident occurs there!

Please look forward to Shadow-sama big action again!


The Eminence in Shadow Next Story

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37 thoughts on “Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! (LN) V4 Short Story

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  2. noooooooooooo dont!!! dont translate the masterpiece that has been officially translated!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER ATTEMPT THAT, NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kuhh *sniff *sniff … *sniff thank you so much for translating this!!!!!!!! thank you *sniff *sniff so muchhhhhhhh uwahhhhhhhhhhh vol 5 pleaseeeeee hurry up and be release pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Agreed, better not to translate if the official translation is out. That way you don’t need to care about the legalities and all the bothersome stuff

    Liked by 2 people

  4. The vol. 3 english ver. is already released so there’s basically no point in translating it… We’ll just wait for the official announcement of the raw vol. 5 release… By then you can translate it while there’s no official english volume…

    The translation have gone better as time passes by… Good luck!

    Liked by 3 people

  5. No point in doing volume 3 if there’s already one released. Plus, it is official. You might get a strike if you do that. If volume 5 comes out, then do that instead.
    Also, you might be compelled to delete your vol 4 translation if yen press does release the english version of volume 4. Other translations shat down their work after their licensing so it might happen.
    Just “might”. There are others out there that didn’t shut down after all. Tensura and hataraku maou for example

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  6. I agreed with darkkingt, lastdigit090, and Darryl Lance Buenaventura

    its officially translated and its wasting your time as well, so there’s no point of doing Vol.3

    I will donate the money later this week. You deserved it and thank you for translating this light novel. Everyone’s shadow fans appreciated.

    If you planning to translate Light Novel of The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs Volume 7, and upcoming Vol.8, it will be out on 30th June, I will donate again. Probably a bit more.

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  7. don’t do a already translated work. for two reason one: if they want to read it for free the web novel is writen mostly the same. Two: the author deserves his money and if the book does not sell enough the book company might cancel his series and that would be tragic


  8. Would really love it if you could re translate the previous volume 6 of otome mob. The translation was so bad that it was unreadable. It deserve a good translation.


  9. I’d love to read the continuation but it’s hard to disagree with the other people about the official translation. I don’t have money to buy any novels at the moment sadly


  10. I think your translation is better than offical
    Actually i don’t really like offical translation.
    Simple english translation is better


  11. Hey can you translate ff class trashero? There’s like..two groups translating it rn one of them got better grammar and the other got ai translates but still. They didn’t Catch up to the raws yet I think so if u can can u translate those too?


  12. Thank-you for the Shadow dose man… I’ve been dying from vitamin shadow deficiency ever since i completed 203 chapters of WN


  13. When will be the next button be available?

    Where’s the next button!!!
    It is the only cure to my rare, legendary, mythical disease.
    Without the next button, the world might end ~(‘ ‘ T < T)~


  14. Nooooooo!!!! To short. Need more it was so great. Rebel falling Angel for the win. I can’t wait for Akane to wake up and finds out She’s in an another world.
    I like the way the Arthur took the story now it’s completely taken a different route from the web novel.

    Thanks to the translater for translating this.👍👍👍👍👍


  15. tnx for translating, it’s not the best but it’s still good
    most minor errors were His and Her and vice versa
    i hope you will also translate volume 5 once its released


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