Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! (LN) V4 Epilogue

Author: Aizawa Daisuke

Source: Cyborg-TL

Volume 4
Epilogue – Behold the Eminence in the Shadows Revealed!!

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Part 1

Nishino Akira was running down the white hallway.

As soon as he heard the alarm of the raid, he started running to the bottom of the laboratory, the furthest place on the battlefield.

With both hands, he held the white box.

“Haah, haaah… damn it!”

He stopped before the white door, catching his breath as he threw curses into the air.

“Damn Alliance Rat… I thought they couldn’t kidnap Akane…”

He slammed the door resentfully and then it opened.

The room is white, hospital.

On the bed sat a silver haired elf.

“Is she still conscious? I thought I drugged her… “

The silver haired girl, Natsume, didn’t seem to understand Akira.

“I should have injected more of you. Well, it doesn’t matter, however, you don’t even understand what I’m talking about.”

Natsume looked at him and then looked at the contents of the white box that Akira was carrying in his hand.

“… Do you want to know what this is? This is new to you. Something that will make you a much stronger knight than the First Knight. “

He opened the box, and Natsume looked surprised.

What was there was a head.

It was an ugly head with black skin and red hair, with dark magic power enveloping it.

“Surprised? These are the heads we found at the point where magic power gathers abnormally. With this magic power, every magic beast evolved into a superior class as strong as Brutals.” Said Nishino Akira, approaching Natsume little by little with a smile on his face.

“This head has extraordinary magic power, but at the same time, it is different from the ordinary… yes, just like yours.”

He grabbed Natsume’s arm and then took out a thick syringe.

“If Brutals can evolve to that point with this head magic power, then you too can become the strongest knight of all. Okay, let’s get started. From now on you will be the strongest knight— “

At that instant, a shot rang out in the air, and suddenly, blood began to spread around Nishino Akira’s white robe.

“W-what ?!”


Blood flowed out of Nishino Akira’s body, and the room was filled with the smell of gunpowder.

“T-That’s impossible…” He said, kneeling to himself.

Behind him appeared a person with a gun.

After that person refilled, this time he pointed to Natsume.


And once again, gunshots were heard.

The bullet made a hole between Natsume’s eyebrows and she fell onto the bed.

… It was instant death.

“Why…? Why are you doing this…?” Akira said weakly from the ground.

The person pointed the gun at him again.

Their eyes met and for a moment, silence dominated the room.

“You will die soon… I hope you will suffer to the end.” That person said, take the head and the syringe and leave.

Kukuku… I see…”

The blood stained the white ground red.

Akira clearly felt how the temperature left his body along with his blood.

“I’ll die soon, I see…”

As a scientist, he knew very well that that person was right.

“I didn’t think things would end now…”

Just when he was getting some good research material.

He thought that this time he would control everything, that he could create a knight that was much stronger than the first.

He raised his hands in the air, his hands covered in blood.

Then, amidst his fading consciousness, he looked up at the bed.


He watched the silver haired girl get up from the bed as if nothing had happened.

For a moment, he thought that maybe it was an illusion he saw from losing blood. However, he had clearly seen how the shot hit her forehead.

But still, the girl got up and then put on a black suit.


Once again he doubted what he saw.

The girl was wearing a black suit in seconds, she didn’t even see where it was coming from.

After that, she took out a black bag and started storing various items.

“M-my camera…”

Among those things, was the camera that he thought was out of place.

Then the girl put away her laptop, followed by all the electronics in the room.

The bag kept filling up with more and more, but only stretched, it was made of a material he had never seen before.

“This, and this… well, this is enough. Now I have to take that head back.” Natsume said in rather bad Japanese.

“Y-You can talk?”

“I talk a lot.” She spoke in broken Japanese.

“Where’s the data from the camera? I will delete it.”

“Back in the lab… do whatever you want. However, they have modified it before, although I don’t imagine that you are the second rat.”

The girl had a lovely smile on her face and walked past him.

“At least answer me this one… who are you?”

“We are the Shadow Garden… hiding in the shadows, and hunting in the shadows.” The girl muttered, then left the room.

“Shadow Garden…” It was an unfamiliar organization.

Maybe it’s a foreign organization, or it never shows itself on the surface.

After all, nothing changed the fact that an organization that surpassed Akira’s imagination existed in this world.

“I thought it would take longer… but it came sooner than I thought…” he muttered, glancing at the door where the girl had suddenly returned.

“By the way, do you know about Rebel Fallen Angel?”

“Rebel Fallen Angel…? I don’t know… “

“Okay. When I find him, I’ll definitely kill him, just watch.” She said, and this time she left.

Rebel Fallen Angel. Could it be Garden’s enemy organization?

Who are the two organizations… Akira thought until his life ended.


Part 2

The knights had gathered at the base of the fortress, and the battle against the magic beasts began.

The magic beasts started running against the wall, trying to cross the wall with their sharp claws. The gazes of the knights who were trying to prevent it were tired and some of the others were desperate.

“Captain Haitani! We won’t last much longer, there are too many of them!” Said a knight among the shouts, but Captain Haitani couldn’t answer.

“What is this… why are there so many?”

Haitani brandished his sword, knocking out one of the magic beasts that were about to climb up.

But below, there were still a large number of magic creatures lined up on the horizon.

Too many.

This is not an ordinary number of invasion.

The numbers and the strength of all those beasts were simply too abnormal.

“IF only she was here… no, even she couldn’t do anything.”

Haitani didn’t say anything else. Even if they were in the middle of a battle, there was a chance that someone would hear what he had to say.

Even if the strongest knight on this base, Akane, was here, they wouldn’t be able to stop this attack.

Thinking about it, Haitani came to the conclusion of this fight.

The only thing that awaits them is a cruel and final defeat.

“…Evacuate residents.”

“Captain! But we don’t have time to— “

“We have to buy time! “

“Are you suggesting that we leave the base ?!”

“Right.” Haitani said with an expression of resolution.

“We are not fighting to lose our lives in vain, we are fighting to save as many lives as possible.”


“We will divide the two groups. The first group will evacuate the population via emergency routes, and the second group will stay here to buy time. “

“I understand.”

“Take over control of the evacuation, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Haitani hates wasting time.

Because of that, he also hated the idea of ​​fighting and dying in vain.

But following the same logic, he wouldn’t mind dying if there was something he deserved.

Hence, he decided to fight until the last breath of his life was exhausted to buy as much time as possible for the others to escape.

However, even that resolve was shattered by a true form of despair.

A roar was as loud as thunder came first.

Everyone froze listening to that cold voice.

Then, huge magical beasts appeared beside formidable magic power.

“B-Brutal…” said one of the knights who couldn’t move by the sound.

Scarlet claws and fangs, abnormal shape and size, emerged from the darkness.

The beast, which resembled the devil in the story, caused fear around him.

Then, ignoring the people who were just standing there doing nothing, Brutal attacked with its sharp claws.

It was an attack that would cause pure despair to the people.

“T-The walls!”

Brutally created a huge crack in the wall with just one strike from its claw.

If the wall collapsed, the base would lose all defenses and would be attacked in the blink of an eye.

Everyone could see the heartbreaking results in their eyes.

Once again, Brutal raised his claws in the dark night.


It was clear that the scream didn’t have the strength to stop Brutal.

Or at least, they thought.

Suddenly, Brutal claws stopped halfway.

Does it listen to everyone’s wishes?

No, that’s not it.

It didn’t take long for people to realize that the jet black sword was blocking Brutal’s claw.

The blade was brutally stabbed from behind, and blood spurted out all over the area.

A grunt of pain escaped Brutal’s mouth.

Then slowly its body began to rise into the air.

Slowly, very slowly, its body was lifted up by the black sword, as if it was some kind of sacrifice.

Then the blade flashed in the moonlight, and Brutal’s body was split in half, its blood splattered all over the ground.

There then the person carrying the sword appeared.

“T-That person is… a knight, he’s a black knight!”

“H-He killed Brutals with one hit…” said several knights.

“A-are you helping us fight…?”

The black knight swung his sword horizontally and aimed it at the monsters on the ground.

Everyone fell silent, all the other knights watched his every move.

Everyone knew something was coming, even though they didn’t know what.

They could feel a huge abnormality in the sky where the black knight was.

Nothing moved, and the atmosphere shook.

Suddenly, countless lights began to gather around the jet black blade.

The light turned purple, gathered around the sword, forming a new purple blade.

The purple sword began to spread towards the ground, more and more.

Then, the black knight drew his sword slightly and…


His deep voice rang through the air, while, on his sword, unifying enormous magic power—


Then he brandished his sword.

Suddenly, a great purple light shone on a dark night, and when it died down, traces of sword fragments could be seen all around.

The trail of the cut continues to the horizon.

Everything has been slaughtered, magic beasts, trees, buildings.

“What the hell… could such a thing really exist…?”

Everything had been dominated by absolute power as if God himself had come down to earth.

“What is that…?” Murmured Haitani.

For other knights, someone capable of this might not even be a human.

The black knight started walking slowly, while the wind moved its long black mantle.

TAP, TAP… his footsteps echoed, getting closer and closer to the base.


Some of the knights instinctively retreated to try to run away from him, although Haitani didn’t blame them.

After all, trying to fight it was futile.

“… Open the door.” Haitani said.

“C-Captain are you crazy ?! If we let him in we will— “

“After all, we can’t do anything. “


“Neither of us has the strength to stop it. In that case, I want to bet on certain odds no matter how low. After all, he was the one who stopped the invasion.” Said Haitani as he lowered the wall and opened the door with his bare hands.

The black knight did not hesitate for a moment and casually entered the base.

The other knights made way for him, as nothing could stand in his way.

Then he continued walking as if nothing had happened.

Everyone understood at that moment, that this is what it means to be strong.


Haitani tried to talk to him.

But the words didn’t leave his mouth.

Haitani realized how scared he was, but still…

“W-Wait… what are you looking for? What do you want from the Messiah…? “

Haitani tried his best to speak.

He thought he would ignore him, but knew he would at least listen to him.

Even though he was shocked, the black knight stopped.

“The time has come… the doors of darkness will open again, and the world will advance to a new stage…”

No one understood what he meant, but everyone knew that the words had deep meaning.

Surely the black knight knew everything. He knew why Japan ended up like this, where did the magic beasts come from, he knew everything.

That’s why nobody could understand the words.

“Who… who are you…?” Haitani asked behind the black knight’s back.

“My name is Shadow… I am the one who lurks in the shadows, and hunts in the shadows.”

“Who lurks in the shadows and hunts in the shadows…”

Will they understand the words? Thought Haitani as he watched him leave.


Part 3

I shook my black coat and disappeared into the darkness of the night—

Slowly, slowly, slowly to create an atmosphere of tension.

Fufufu… that’s perfect!”

All of the knights had frozen as they watched the Eminence in the Shadows appear out of nowhere, with an overwhelming power that annihilated all the beasts in the blink of an eye.

Of course, right now they are still trying to understand the meaning of the words I said at the end.

“That way, the Eminence in the Shadows will live forever… in their hearts.”

As I watched everyone’s reaction from the rooftop, I felt a familiar presence approaching from behind me.

“Beta, huh…?” I said, speaking in Shadow mode.

“Yes. I’m very sorry for the delay.” She said, kneeling as member mode from the Shadow Garden.

Even though it was strange. She speaks Japanese.

How could it be?

“H-Have you mastered Japanese?”

“Right. Thank you I am fluent.”

Actually not, but at least, she could communicate fluently.

The awkward way to start and end words with “like this” reminds me of someone, but who…?
(TLN: The words are strange as written by the beautiful albino Elf)

I don’t think it’s someone I personally know… well, it doesn’t matter.

To be honest, I didn’t expect Beta to be able to speak Japanese so fast.

“Hm.… What are you carrying? “

She carried a bag made of slime on her back.

As if it was a Santa Claus bag.

“I collect the things you mentioned to me. With this, we will be much stronger.”

“What did I mention…?”

I don’t remember everything, it must be about the game before.

“I gathered a lot of knowledge in this bag. Shadow-sama, do you remember what you told me back then? All knowledge converges at one point. You are right! Everything is in code! With that, I can learn Japanese, and many other things too! All knowledge is connected, it is wonderful! “

“Aaah, yes, that’s good.”

I don’t know what you mean, but at least I understand that Beta Japanese is still not very good.

“And the plan?”

There weren’t really any plans, but I already wanted to change the subject.

It’s part of the game too, and she’s so harmonious that I know she’s going to play mine to perfection.

“Everything is ready. I’ve found what we’re looking for. “

“I see… so everything is ready.”

“The door is open, the head is toward it.”

“I see… so the head is there…”

I looked at where Beta was pointing at me and felt two magic powers tickling me.

Apparently, she had found it.

Good job, Beta.


Part 4

A shadow ran down the underground corridor.

The shadow held the severed head, looked back over and over again.

Then the shadow stopped in front of the large tote bag at the end of the hall.

“With this… everything will finally end.” Said a woman’s voice.

She took out a flashlight, turned it on, and with it opened and lit the inside of the bag.

There was a girl sleeping with her knees hugging.

She was Akane, a beautiful girl with black hair, wearing a knight uniform.

“You’re the culprit… you are to blame for everything that happened and will happen.”

The shadow said to Akane.

Then the woman’s shadow takes the head with one hand and the syringe with the other.


“So, you are in charge of all this.”

Suddenly, a boy’s voice echoed through the hall.


The woman’s shadow turned around and shone a flashlight into space in front of her.

From the shadows, a boy appeared. He was an ordinary looking boy, with black eyes and hair.

“Minoru-kun… why are you here?”

“Do you think they managed to kill me…? Yuuka-sensei.”


The woman twisted her face.

The woman wearing the white lab coat is without a doubt Yuuka-sensei.

“So you are the culprit.”

“… Right. I’m also surprised you found the answer. “

“Were you the one who killed Gori… Saejima?”

“That’s me too.” She confessed.

“No wonder it seems strange to me. I couldn’t find a reason why they wanted me dead. Unless, if you are the culprit. “

“… So they failed.”

“Of course they failed because I’m still alive. Why are you doing all this? “

“…. Do you really want to know? “

Yuuka-sensei smiled blankly, then took out a gun from her robe and aimed it at Minoru.

“Did you kill Saejima with that?”

“Right. It’s actually quite easy. If a knight let his guard down, they were like ordinary humans. So all I have to do is just a little… Bang. “

She pulled the trigger and a bullet shot out, ricocheting off Minoru’s leg.

“I see you are not surprised. Or are you so scared that you can’t move? ” She said somewhat surprised to see that Minoru was not affected by the shot.

“Why did you kill him?”

“… Saejima is our informant. I just threw him away because we no longer needed it. She said with a mysterious smile.


“We, the ‘Alliance’ spies.”

“I see. So the goal from the start was this Base.”

“Yes, the alliance’s objective is this base, even though I am different.” She said, clenching the fist that held the weapon.

“…What I’m looking for is revenge.”


“Yes… do you know who this girl really is?” Yuuka-sensei said looking at Akane who was still asleep.

“This girl is a very bad girl, she killed a lot of innocent people.”


Yuuka-sensei frowned at the boy reacting so disinterestedly.

“I see I don’t believe me. Do you think I’m lying? “

“Ah, no, not really…”

“But it’s okay, then I’ll tell you everything she did, about all the people she killed…”

“W-Well, please…”

She, with a scowl, pursed her lips tightly and then began to speak.

“I used to live in Arcadia. Those were hard days, but I was happy living with my husband. He is an investigator and is in charge of investigating the Awakening, along with Nishino Akira… ”

“I see”

“Thanks to Nishino Akira’s research, my husband succeeded in creating the first knight in Japan. A girl with black hair and red eyes who became known as the “First Knight”.” She said as she looked at Nishino Akane.

“If my memory isn’t wrong, I think I’ve heard that the first knight had blonde hair.”

“At first it was black. But Nishino Akira wasn’t satisfied with that power. Hence, he began investigating things that should never be touched. As a result, her hair turned a golden color. “


“After that, she gained immense power. But time passed, and she couldn’t control it. My husband tried to stop Nishino Akira many times, but he never listened to him and in the end… it happened.” She said with trembling lips.

“That day, the First Knight completely lost control and killed everyone in Arcadia. My husband died in my arms. That’s why from that day on, I started chasing Nishino Akira and the first knight, until finally, after all these years, I arrived here. Do I know what I found? The two of them are still working on the same investigation… Even though they destroyed Arcadia, they killed many people, including my husband. What they did is unforgivable.”

Her teeth were grinding as she clenched them tightly.

“I killed Nishino Akira, now it’s only the turn of the first knight and it will all be over. Do you understand now? This girl is the first knight.” Yuuka-sensei said looking at the sleeping Akane.

“…Then you will kill her?”

“That won’t be enough. Even after committing all those crimes, she tried to forget about it. It’s unforgivable, that’s why I’m going to make her remember everything… ”

Yuuka-sensei put the tip of the needle on Akane’s neck and then looked at Minoru.

“Do not move. Do you know what kind of experiment Nishino Akira was doing with her? He created the first knight by injecting liquid from the corpses of magic creatures into her body. In other words, this girl is a monster with human and beast blood… I wonder what will happen if I inject Brutal liquid into her.” She said, pricking Akane’s skin and injecting her with liquid.

At that time Akane opened her eyes.

Her slender body began to tremble, and golden colored magic power flowed from within her body.

The girl rose up, radiating a golden color.

“Yes… this is your true form.” Yuuka-sensei said with a smile, at the same time Akane was looking at her with an icy gaze.

It was an emotionless blank look.

Then Akane just stretched out her right hand.

The arm pierced Yuuka-sensei’s heart like butter.

She didn’t put up a fight. Yuuka-sensei just hugged Akane, and whispered in her ear.

“…This is my revenge”. She said, giggling with her lips covered in blood until she fell to the floor and stopped breathing.

“Aaa… aaahaa… aaaah.”

Akane’s gaze started to shake.

She stared at her arm that was covered in blood as she trembled.


She shouted, violently scratching her head with her bleeding hands.

It was a scream of pain, of sorrow.


Then the gold particles expanded, absorbing them all in a huge explosion.


Part 5

It felt like seeing everything from a distant world, was what Nishino Akane thought.

But on the other hand, she knew very well that this did not happen in a world that was far away.

Although it was painful to admit it, she knew very well that the sensation of piercing human flesh with her arm, and Yuuka-sensei’s figure lying on the floor, was real.

She knew because she remembered that something like this had happened before.

How did she do that then?

How many people did she kill that time?

The memories she had forgotten, slowly returned to her head through her arms.


The memories that were engraved deep in her heart would never be lost.

Memories of her destroying cities, killing people, and destroying all of Arcadia without being able to control her magic power.

At that moment, she also felt as if she was observing everything from a distant world.

Because of that, she knew what was coming.

She felt the magic power within her about to explode.

This hurts…


Finally, the golden colored magic power turned into particles and exploded.

Everything exploded, including the black haired boy who was standing there.

“Aah… Aaaah…”

When the magic power subsided, only a large crater remained.

The pillars turned to gravel, and on the ceiling, there was a large hole where the night stars could be seen.

The black haired boy was nowhere to be found.

Akane sat down, shrugged.

She was crying inside, but her expression remained unchanged. That hurts the most.

At that moment… she heard a voice behind her.

Turning around, she saw a man in a black coat standing on one of the ruins of the pillars.

… Black Knight.

He drew jet-black sword lit by the moonlight from behind him.

“Tonight is perfect for cutting ties with the past…” He said as he raised his sword towards the sky.

The cold night wind blew between them.

“…This is it.” Said the black knight, jumping into the air.

Get away! She screamed inside herself, but her body moved against her will.

Golden magic power surged out of her body, causing her to float in the air.

Suddenly, the black knight’s attack and Akane’s golden attack collided in midair.

So… gold breaks through jet black.

Once again, she killed another person.

Seeing her arm pierce the black knight, Akane started to give up.

But suddenly, she felt a kind of liquid in her hand.

It was the blood of black knights… no, that’s not it.

“…That is just a shadow.” Someone said from behind.

As she turned around, there was another black knight, standing up as if nothing had happened.

She felt her hand clearly pierce the black knight’s chest, but he didn’t have a single wound.


Akane’s body pursued the black knight like a wild beast.

But suddenly… she stopped.

Suddenly, her limbs were tied with threads that stopped her from moving.

Immediately, Akane thought of the fluid on her arm. The liquid is for this…


“Don’t even try… no one can escape from the black chain prison.”

A calm voice spoke to Akane’s body which continued to fight back with tremendous magic power.

TAP, TAP… the man began to slowly approach.

The black sword began to cover him with purple magic power.

The movements are strong, and at the same time beautiful.

However, also extraordinary.

It was at this time that she was sure that she would die without a doubt.

But in the end… it will all be over.

Even though her body continued to reject the idea, her mind was at peace.

Then a black sword swung at her, and a purple light stole her sight.

As she lost consciousness, Akane heard a voice that missed her so much.

“…Next time, be careful not to get kidnapped.”


Part 6

Beta watched from the ruins as purple magic power healed Akane.

Mufufu… Amazing.”

She takes photos of her master’s glorious moments with the camera she took, and then with her other hand, she makes notes for Shadow-sama’s chronicles.

“With this, I can perfectly maintain Shadow-sama’s massive figure… this object called camera was made for me.”

Beta rubbed the saliva on her lips and focused on the camera and chronicles.

After she finished taking notes, she spoke with her master.

“Shadow-sama… everything is ready.”

“Very good, Beta.”

Her master turned around slowly.

“Has the plan been completed?”

“Umm? Ahh yes. the plan, everything is ready. “

“I understand. Let’s start.” Beta said, pulling the severed head out of the rubble.

Black Rose is finished.


“I thought like this… and like this… yes, there it is!”

Beta throws the head into the air and then stabs it with her sword which contains magic power.

Suddenly, darkness began to overflow from the head to form a black hole.

“Ohh… I don’t even know what you were doing, but good job Beta.”

“T-Thank you very much for your words! It is very meaningful for me! “

(TL: Beta speaks in Japanese which is not fluent)

Beta praised. and her body trembled with joy.

“All right, let’s go back now, right now, without wasting any time.”

“Ah, right.”

“Come on Beta, dooom!” The master said, jumping into the black hole.

Seeing him, Beta was about to chase him, but realized something.

“It won’t fit…”

Beta is carrying a backpack made of inflated slime with a myriad of items.

She wanted to take all of this to the other side, but the hole was too small.

It is a size for one person.

Not to mention, the hole is getting smaller and smaller, so it will disappear in a matter of minutes.

“Uhhh… so I’m trying to collect all of this…”

Beta was a little disappointed, put her bag on the ground and opened it.

Then she left only the smallest items inside.

“This right here… this one, I don’t think it comes in… this is it… umm?”

At that instant, she saw the girl who was passed out on the floor.

The girl who had been cured by her master a while ago, had returned to her beautiful black hair and was sleeping soundly.

“…I have a great idea.”

Beta puts on an evil smile as she watches the girl sleeping peacefully on the floor.

After all, the things she could take were very limited. In that case, why not bring something more valuable in information and knowledge?

“Yes, it’s better to take people from this world!”

Beta wraps the black-haired girl in slime, then takes the smallest thing, including the camera.


After inserting the black pouch into the hole, Beta jumps inside.


Part 7

“Shadow-sama is back?”

At the representative office at the luxury Mitsugoshi hotel, Alpha heard the report.

After Shadow is absorbed by the black rose, Alpha must take care of everything to solve the remaining problems in the Oriana kingdom.

“Sha, Sha, Sha-sha-sha-sha-sha-Shadow-sama ?!”

Epsilon working beside her immediately got up from her chair.

“Calm down a little, Epsilon.”

“A-Alpha-sama, but…”

“He has a big goal in hand, and of course, he knows a way to return, isn’t that obvious?”

“T-That’s right… Even so, I’m really glad he’s fine.”

“He is fine? Where is he?” Alpha asked Victoria who was standing at the door.

“Shadow-sama has just rushed back to Midgar.”


“Looks like he’s worried because the winter holidays at school are over.

“I see… that means there might be something wrong with that school. Cult, or maybe another demon… ”

“Yes. Currently, Zeta-sama is accompanying him. “

“Zeta? When did she come back? “

“We don’t know that.”

“As usual, she never gave her report. Though that doesn’t change the fact that it’s really helpful.” Alpha said with a sigh.

“Beta-sama is back too. She mentioned that she had very interesting items with her. “

“I see… so they left for some reason. Where is she? “

“Beta-sama she—”

The door opened, distracting Victoria and a silver-haired girl from entering.

“Beta is back!”

“Welcome home… or so I wanted to say first, but what did you bring there?”

Beta comes dragging a black bag.

“Umm, this is a digital camera, this is a laptop and this is a tablet… This is amazing, revolutionary stuff! They are very useful as long as they have energy!” Beta said, proudly showing one by one the electronic devices in her bag.

“I see… but I’m referring to the one that looks like a person.” Alpha said, pointing to a lump in the shape of a person.

Epsilon is wondering about the same thing.

“Ah, this…”

Beta doesn’t know what to say, looking away nervously.

“Knowledge…? Guinea pig? A guide…? Yes, something like that. “

“It’s a person, right?”

“You have to check it to find out for sure, but this is a life form in a world where beings very similar to humans live.”

Alpha frowns at Beta’s subtle response.

“I just hope you are responsible for her.”

“Hey? I? I thought it would be better to leave it to Eta… ”

“You brought her, so take care of her. After all, I don’t even want to imagine what Eta would do to her if you left her in her care.

“T-That’s right…”

Beta lowered her shoulders.

“I’ll hear your report later. Write about what you see on the other side and about the things you carry.”

“Ah yes, fine.”

“By the way, about No. 666, she… “

With that, Mitsugoshi remained busy late into the night.


Part 8

Akane woke up in the white room.

She felt good, and her mental state was calm, full of peace. It’s been a long time since she woke up so well.

“Where am I…?”

She looked around the room.

At first, she thought it was a university laboratory, but the rooms and materials were very primitive.

“Letter…? I can’t read it.”

On the wall, there were several types of letters, but it was in a language she didn’t understand.

“I, at that time…”

Akane remembered everything.

She remembered the sin she had committed, her determination to die, and in the end, the soft light that enveloped her along with that person’s voice.

But now with her mind at peace, she can endure it.

“… Sorry”.

Apologies for the crimes committed.

Apologies to Yuuka-sensei, to the people in Arcadia and to everyone she killed.

Even though his brother was responsible, part of the fault was her weak mental state. That’s what she believes.

She could never accept her past, could never be the type of woman strong enough to endure it.

But now, now she can endure it, accept it.

“That is Minoru-kun… right?”

All because she heard his voice.

“So he’s still alive. He hasn’t changed at all… “

Tears fell down her cheeks.

Now that she knows he’s alive, Akane can get even stronger.

“Minoru-kun, wait for me. I… I want to save more people, more than I killed. So please wait for me… wait for me until I finish my redemption… ” she said, gold particles hovering slightly around her.

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22 thoughts on “Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute! (LN) V4 Epilogue

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  2. One more disaster brought back to shadow garden 😂
    Sheesh, Shadow garden is becoming more scary with each minute. There’s a whole 600+ skilled member in it and now there’s another ticking time bomb that is Akane 😂😂
    Diabolos cult still doesn’t know how f*cked up they are gonna be lmao

    Liked by 5 people

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  5. Eta and Zeta FINALLY!! its about time to revealed their characters and mission.

    There will be mass produces of Electronic devices and it takes a lot time and knowledge to make it. You need Senku from DR STONE to help from this. I wonder if they have scientist among shadow gardens. It could be Eta or Zeta, who knows. I can’t hardly wait what theirs roles are.

    I am happy to see Akane dragged in to his world, I wonder she become shadow garden

    Guess I was wrong about Marie and Margaret becoming potential shadow garden. damn…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Eta is associated with the technology development after Shadow teaches her how to make the slime body suit she got engrossed in it and as if you rembember Alpha saying that after the got the blood of the Red Queen Eta in the technology development produced a pill which when consumed lets on turn into a mist like form which is seen when Alpha fights John Smith (Shadow) so yeah Eta in the scientist in Shadow Garden


  6. Alright, now that I finished reading I can say the translation is good, while their some gender swaps in between but overall you can understand what’s going on without too much of using brain cells unlike chinese novels MTL.

    Story? Superb. Do I even need to say?
    Let’s hope vol 5 comes out soon. Lastly thank you for translating this novel.

    Liked by 1 person

    • All the mistake I notice is fortunately in pronoun so you can tell it right away, I don’t blame the TL, but I advice that he review the pronouns for future translations.

      Thanks TL, even I isn’t perfect in English cause it’s not my native language so it’s not a big deal, the important thing is we did understand and enjoy it.


  7. i kind dont like it, that akane bring back to that word, that is not his word, other people sufer on earth, and her can life more peacful in that word, there is karma, she must pay for his sin … with grand act … not this kind lame salvation misunderstanding


    • and bring akane just make plot hole, because her know consept of bank, credit, etch (shadow wisdom) implent in shadow garden, that just make image of MC to the ground. I must say to author that a mistake move


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